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Bug allowed hackers to steal celebrity data on Instagram

Platform did not report how many accounts or which were invaded, said only to have informed the affected and that it took the necessary measures

According to information released by The Verge website, hackers took advantage of a breakthrough in the Instagram API to steal personal information from some users of the platform. The criminals had access to e-mail addresses, telephones and other sensitive data, and the “attack” occurred on account of celebrities, who have thousands of followers.
The bug, or bug, was reported by Instagram itself, which ran to warn users affected by the problem and underscored the commitment to data confidentiality. The social platform did not say how many users or who were affected by the bug in the app’s security system, said they were “some accounts,” and that all necessary security measures were taken to prevent further hacking attacks.
The error, which was seen as a loophole by hackers, was in the platform API, a system used by the social network to communicate with other applications. The statement, which was sent to users affected by the “attack”, said criminals had access to email addresses and phone contacts, but that the passwords were not hacked.
“We found that one or more individuals have illegally accessed a range of contact information from Instagram’s high profile users – specifically email addresses and phone numbers – exploiting an error in an Instagram API. No account password has been exposed. We have fixed the bug quickly and are conducting a thorough investigation. ”


The media speculate that one of the celebrities affected by the API bug was Selena Gomes. A few days ago, the singer informed her more than 125 million followers that her account at Insta had been hacked, alerting them to possible improper content on her behalf. The claim was not upheld by the app company, which preferred to keep secrecy about users who were affected by the attack. It was also informed that the profile of the singer on Instagram was restored the same day.

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